Book Recording

Students who choose to be a part of the Book Recording Group Service Project (GSP) will be part of a team that records and edits books which, when completed, are linked as resources for the MODG Family Center. There are three main positions involved with this project: Reader, Host, and Editor.
The Reader's task involves signing up to read a book from a pre-prepared list. Readers will download a free recording app, Audacity, to use in recording. Having chosen his book, each individual Reader will meet with a Host and read aloud, recording himself and marking the time stamp where any mistakes occur.
To complete the GSP a Reader must read/record at least one book completely (though a Reader may complete more than one book).
The Host either contacts or is contacted by a Reader and they meet together in order to record. The Host will listen to the Reader, making sure the audio is good quality and proper pronunciations are used.
To complete the GSP a Host must host a Reader at least once (though he is encouraged to host as many times as is needed).
The Editor will download the free recording/editing app Audacity and use it to edit out mistakes and background noise from a filed book recording. If a book has more than one recording file, then an Editor may choose to download the free splicing app Traction 7 to connect the recordings to make a finished audiobook.

To complete the GSP an Editor must fully clean/edit at least one book (again, he may do more work if he wishes). 
Behind all three positions are the Leaders. Typically there is a Head Leader and a Co-Leader. Throughout the year the Leaders will work together, preparing what is necessary to run the Project. This includes communicating with the Chapter Adviser, Officers, and other Leaders, keeping track of emails, making signups and book lists with deadlines, maintaining spreadsheets, training new members, filing recordings, and making sure everything is running smoothly. Near the end of the year, they will evaluate the members, choosing and training two to become the next year's Leaders.

Where do I find these audiobooks?

To access the completed audiobooks on the MODG Family Center, sign in to your account > click "Handbooks" > "Enrollment Booklet" > "Planning Your School Year" > "Book Recordings" OR follow the button below.