What are the four pillars of the NHS?

The NHS has its foundation on four pillars: Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. The NHS seeks to encourage and nurture each of these qualities in every one of its members.


What requirements are needed to apply for the NHS?

To be eligible for membership in the National Honor Society (NHS), you should have a GPA of 3.85 or above, and have at least 10 hours of service hours to show for every year you have been in High School, all of which should be presented on your application form. If you are eligible to join the NHS, you should receive an email saying so.


What does membership in our chapter of the NHS entail?

Being a member of the NHS requires that you attend the monthly mandatory meetings (if not live, by watching the recording). Three absences counts for a potential removal from the chapter. Members also commit to completing an Individual Service Project amounting to 10 hours or more, as well as partaking in a Group Service Project run by second-year NHS members. Additionally, the NHS also gives the opportunity to be part of a wonderful and joyous community of students who help each other out in various aspects, allowing the members to grow closer to God together. 


What is an ISP?

An ISP is an Individual Service Project that should add up to at least 10 hours which should benefit your immediate/local community in any way. It is a requirement for membership in the NHS.


What is a GSP?

A GSP is a Group Service Project that you partake in with fellow NHS members that contributes to and benefits the MODG community at large. It is a requirement for membership in the NHS. 


What are the jobs of the officers?

There are three officers: President, Vice President, and Secretary. These officers run the monthly general meetings, coordinate GSP leaders, address questions, organize socials, complete other logistical jobs, work with the Chapter Advisor, and ensure that everything in the NHS runs smoothly. 


How much time commitment is necessary to be a part of the NHS?

In addition to the mandatory monthly meetings and the ISP hours (10 hours+), the time commitment necessary in being part of the NHS is really up to the GSP you choose to be a part of. Some GSPs require more time and effort than others, but it should not be too overwhelming.


What are some additional benefits of being a member of the NHS?

Other than being part of a wonderful, fun, and loving community, learning to work with peers, and creating life-long friendships, an additional benefit of being an NHS member is the opportunity to apply for an NHS college scholarship. 


Who do I contact if I have more questions?

If you would like more information about the NHS and what it entails, or have any further questions, please contact the chapter through the form below.