Group Service Projects

Group Service Projects (GSP) are projects that NHS members are required to partake in with fellow members which contribute to and benefit the MODG community at large. Currently, there are five active GSPs in which members can take part in: Tutoring, Book Recording, Shakespeare, Newsletter, and Website.


The Tutoring GSP is a project to help fellow Mother of Divine Grace students grow in the NHS core value of scholarship. Our one-on-one sessions between tutor and student provide a wonderful opportunity to be a witness and support along the often-times difficult path to truth. We hope to be able to reach the Mother of Divine Grace students who need such assistance, and show them Christ's love and care in this special capacity.

Book Recording

The Book Recording GSP produces audio books for MODG families. Students working in this project read aloud and record, listen, and/or edit the recording files. Once these tasks are all complete, the finished books are linked to the MODG Family Center.


The Newsletter GSP communicates to the members of the Pope Leo XIII Chapter of the National Honor Society various articles featuring saints, history, information about the GSPs, fun polls, and stories and poems submitted by the NHS members. 


The Website GSP takes care of, and keeps this website (yep, the one you are on, right now) up-to-date. It also works on any other tech-related tasks or jobs that come up within the Mother of Divine Grace school's Chapter of the NHS.