Special Projects

These are some of the special projects and initiatives within our chapter of the NHS. They include Career Webinars hosted by our chapter open to all MODG High School students at large, as well as the Ora Pro Nobis Project and Member of the Month Project led by several of our NHS seniors.

Ora Pro Nobis

In keeping with the passionate appeals for prayer from our chapter of the NHS' patron, Pope Leo XIII, the Ora Pro Nobis project is dedicated to support the spiritual needs of our student body. Its goal is to draw the community together for weekly prayer, strengthening our bond with each other and with our heavenly intercessors. The Ora Pro Nobis project is run by NHS senior members, and welcomes all NHS members, as well as the rest of the school community. Before all else, let us pray.

Career Webinars

The Pope Leo XIII Chapter of the NHS hosts monthy Career Webinars to help high school students learn about different career fields and decide what careers interest them. The panelists at these webinars, MODG alumni or people affiliated with MODG in some way, answer questions about what led them to choose their majors, their experience in their careers, and what they would tell students interested in their fields. There is also an opportunity for students to submit their own questions via a Q&A pod. Links to register for any upcoming career meetings will be posted on the MODG family site. Recordings for previous career meetings can be found on YouTube and under the Member Resources page.

Member of the Month

The Member of the Month project was founded as a way to encourage spiritual growth in our chapter of the NHS. It is a way to reward our members' exceptional performances in our four pillars of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. We believe it is these qualities that will shape the leaders of the future and positively influence our modern society. To view past Members of the Month or to vote on future ones, please visit the Members Resources page.